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How We Work

Unlike most Online Catalogues, here at Yes Catalogue we will NOT perform any credit checks on you, and guarantee an account to everyone who applies. Instead of using a traditional credit check, we have engineered a payment system that allows our customers to prove their ability to pay. We do this by staging the purchase of your chosen goods over a series of instalment payments that show to us that you have the means to pay for the item and you can do so on a timely and contractual basis. Once you have made a series of 6 payments you will qualify as a good credit customer and your good will be dispatched. Each time you return as a customer having completed a purchase; you will be upgraded to the next credit tier. The credit tiers are £500, £600 and finally £700.

Put simply, we care more about your credit future than your credit past, and firmly believe that everyone deserves a second chance when it comes to owning the products they want.

Register your account and choose your ideal products

Registering to Yes Catalogue could not be easier and takes around 2 minutes to complete. Then simply pick your desired products up to the initial basket limit of £500. On check out we will illustrate to you the payment terms for receiving you chosen items. Simply follow the instructions and ensure you are able to make the requested payments on the dates stipulated.

Receive your chosen products

After 6 successful, on time payments your chosen goods will be dispatched to your door and you will be deemed a qualified customer with a good credit score here at Yes Catalogue. A following 6 payments will be collected from your account weekly to conclude the purchase of your items. No catches, no credit checks and guaranteed!
All of our products are brand new and come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty

Enjoy new products and a more credit every time you complete a purchase

That's right! once you are a good customer on our catalogue you get to enjoy the benefits of an increased credit line and a wider range of items to choose from. Our credit line starts at £500 and then moves up to £600 for second time returning customers. Once you have completed paying for you second purchase, we will move your account onto the £700 tier.
We also reserve a £800 credit line for our exceptional customers … could this be you?

We look forward to serving you and making your dreams come true at Yes Catalogue.

Happy Shopping.

Yes Catalogue