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Yes Catalogue the great all rounder for all your needs

Yes Catalogue the great all rounder for all your needs

Yes Catalogue is just about the best thing to happen this year for many people who have experienced any form of credit issues in the past. If you have ever tried to apply for a bad credit or instant credit catalogue then you will be aware that a credit check will be performed on your credit file, and this is where the rejections start. Yes Catalogue is very different from the regular bad credit catalogues as all you need is your debit card and this will bypass the credit check and allow you to take control of your own credit limits.

Every new customer with Yes Catalogue will receive £300 starter credit and this will rise with every paid up order until you reach £800 where it is capped. This will give you enough credit to purchase anything that Yes Catalogue has on sale as well as a gateway to hundreds of Lifestyle Savers and online learning courses that you can do at home in your own time.

The Lifestyle savers from Yes Catalogue really do make your money stretch much further than any other type of bad credit catalogue that you can find in the UK today, have a look below at the type of savings you can make immediately with the Yes Catalogue Pro account.

Shopping with Yes Catalogue you will find all the great brand names to be expected from a bad credit catalogue and with the extra benefits of Lifestyle savers and online learning courses you can really make a difference to your life as well as your bank account.

With a period of 12 weeks interest free payments and a guaranteed no credit check, buying on credit with Yes Credit is very easy and quick and with absolutely no intrusions into your credit file you have nothing to lose but a cushion of credit when you need it most. Apply today for your £300 credit to use when you need it and once you have paid off your first order your credit limit will rise automatically.

As all credit with Yes Catalogue is based on your ability to repay you can see straight away exactly how much your weekly repayments are for your purchases and this will make it very easy to budget and you will be less likely to find yourself overstretched. Yes Catalogue works with each customer on an individual basis, and it is by making sure that all payments are met, and each order is paid up on time you can be assured that your credit limit will rise automatically still without any need for a credit check. The credit you can achieve with Yes Catalogue is only capped at £800 and always on 12 week repayment terms without a credit check.

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