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Yes Catalogue for guaranteed credit without the need for a credit check

Yes Catalogue for guaranteed credit without the need for a credit check

There are many bad credit and instant credit catalogue but none can guarantee credit without a credit check, this credit check will be marked on your credit file even if you are rejected and those with a poor credit score will find that even the rejections can make achieving credit so much harder. Yes Catalogue can promise every customer at least £300 credit and all you will need is your debit card as security.

As well as being very similar to any other bad credit or instant credit catalogue in the goods that they sell, you will also find that Yes Catalogue will also have special bonuses that no other catalogue in the UK can offer. These are the Lifestyle Savers that gives you discounts that you can use at anytime unlimitedly and these will give you discounts for goods and services that you would normally use and can be spent on the High Street when the Lockdowns are over or from their affiliated websites that you can use from home. The Lifestyle Savers cover nearly every area of retail shopping your can imagine, even down to fuel savings and insurance discounts. You will also find that the large supermarkets have Lifestyle Saver cards that can give you up to 10% on your grocery shopping. Any savings you make are completely separate from the goods you can buy from Yes Catalogue and your credit limit is never affected by using the Savers, you can even offset your weekly payments against the money you can save with the Lifestyle Savers.

As well as the Lifestyle Savers you will also find the Learning Centre where you will find online courses to do in your own time from home. The Learning Centre will have hundreds of courses ranging from crafting and hobby courses alongside the more vocational courses that can upgrade your existing skills or propel your future working career with help to start a new business or help you transition to working from home easily. With the Learning Centre courses these are not taken from your credit limit within Yes Catalogue either.

There are many reasons to be doing your retail shopping from home especially during the National Lockdowns, but once you realise just how easy it is to gain credit that is easily repaid over 12 weeks you will wonder why Yes Catalogue has not been around for years, you can choose your amount of credit and you will see very easily at a glance how much you will have to repay weekly and this really helps you to budget the money you have. You will never find yourself in mounting debt as you can only have one outstanding order at a time, and with no interest charges or hidden admin fees the price you see at checkout will be the only price you pay overall.

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