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Will Retail Shopping Ever Be The Same? Try Yes Catalogue

Will Retail Shopping Ever Be The Same? Try Yes Catalogue

If the thought of joining long queues just to browse your favourite stores or shopping malls is sending shivers down your spine then why not join in with the many happy shoppers that have started to realise that shopping does not have to be an uphill struggle, in fact with the help of Yes Catalogue, retail shopping will be a breeze. Especially if you have ever had credit refused before.

Yes Catalogue is more than just a catalogue, it is a bad credit catalogue that can guarantee everyone credit of at least £300 initially. With all regular bad credit catalogues you will have to undergo a credit check, and this is very likely to at worse, get rejected and at best a footprint on your credit file with a very low credit limit. With Yes Catalogue you build your own credit with the way you repay, if you are a good customer and all payments are taken without missing any, you will be given a higher spend limit for your next order. All payments are taken directly from your debit card and that is the only security that Yes Catalogue need to accept you into the family of second chance shoppers.

Once you open your personal account with Yes Catalogue you can sit back and wait for your purchases to be delivered straight to your door without the need to venture out to the High Street especially with everything that is going on at the moment. If you have felt penalised for not having a good credit score, just have a look at the quality of goods that can be yours even with bad credit. All orders with Yes Catalogue are spread over 12 weeks and because of that there is never any added interest charges either.

Once you find your way around the pages of Yes Catalogue you will find more and more surprising benefits that you would never find in any other bad credit catalogue. You will find fantastic offers not only on the goods you are intending to purchase but also great deals and discounts from local and well known stores or their online websites. Along with great well-known brand discounts you will also find reduced cinema tickets, up to £100 credit for Flava the buy now pay later supermarket, discounted holidays from the Holiday Shop and a great range of online learning courses that the majority of which are free to take.

So many people have had a second chance at credit due to shopping with Yes Catalogue and with rising spend limits with each order you need never go without your much wanted higher prices items that are not usually obtainable unless you are a disciplined saver.

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