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When you are struggling with money Yes Catalogue is here to help

When you are struggling with money Yes Catalogue is here to help

There are so many reasons at the moment to stay indoors due to the current lockdown situation and what is considered essential shopping is very different for every individual. We are unable to shop locally for anything other than food and if you have a poor credit record then if you need anything of a higher price, such as a washing machine or a new TV you are in a position where you can either save up in advance or you can join Yes Catalogue where without any form of credit check you will be given £300 starter credit with just your debit card as security and 12 weeks to pay off. This is a lifeline to many, especially if you have suffered with job losses or lesser pay on furlough.

You will find everything that you need within the Yes Catalogue website and you will not have a lengthy application process neither will there be any proof of employment or finances needed. Yes Catalogue are the only bad credit catalogue that can offer this.

Yes Catalogue is the only bad credit catalogue that can offer you credit without a credit check and once you have paid off your first order you will have a higher credit limit for your nest order, this is capped at £800 and will give you enough credit to be able to purchase your higher prices items when you have no alternative and can not afford to pay upfront. Not only will you be able to buy your higher priced essentials, but you will also find that with Yes Catalogue you can find the Lifestyle Savers and these will really help you to save money against your normal spending on good or services that you would use every day. Have a look at just a few Lifestyle savers below:

Once you are a Yes Catalogue customer you will also find the Learning Centre and this will give you hundreds of online courses that you can do in your own time at home. If you are thinking about retraining for a new career or upgrading your existing qualifications then you will find a course that applies. You will also find there are courses that you can use to learn a new hobby or craft or even courses that will help with your pets such as dog grooming and animal husbandry. You will certainly find a course that interests you, or even for family members. You can use as many courses as you like and lots of courses are free of charge and all done in your own time so why not make the most of the extra time on all our hands presently and exercise your brain, that is as important as making sure you exercise your body each day.

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