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Time to look again at shopping from home with Yes Catalogue

Time to look again at shopping from home with Yes Catalogue

Bad credit catalogues can be found all over the internet and on TV but in the main, you will always have to undergo a credit check before you are accepted. There is also a huge interest rate that comes along with spreading payments from most instant credit or bad credit catalogues. Yes Catalogue is completely different, your payments are spread over 3 months,12 payments and all payments are divided equally. You start with £300 credit and once that is paid off your credit limit will rise by an extra £100 with each order until you reach £800 and that is enough to buy anything that Yes Catalogue sells online.

A bad credit catalogue from Yes Catalogue could just be about one of your best bets for shopping from home with a poor credit score. Yes Catalogue will accept all from those who may have had a negative period in their finances, and it has left a mark on their credit file, they won’t care about that as they will never do any form of search on your credit file that could only do damage in the future. You will not have any extra interest to pay either as all purchases are paid off within 12 weeks.

You will find a great range of items for sales all without a credit check with Yes Catalogue. Browse through the pages and you will be pleasantly surprised.

With Delivery in weeks and payments taken directly from your debit card, you will hardly notice that you are buying on credit, and you will never miss a payment. The fact that Yes Catalogue guarantees never to charge any interest means that you will only every pay for the goods you buy and if you have a Yes Catalogue Pro account you will never have to pay any delivery charges either.

Once you join the Yes Catalogue Pro Account then you will really get to make the most of your money as you will be able to make savings in your day to day spending not just within the catalogue as the Lifestyle savers include discount codes that you can use at checkout on websites or saver cards that can be used at local supermarkets or stores on your High Street. There are literally hundreds of savers to be had.

As well as the Lifestyle savings you will also find a huge selection of distance learning online courses where you can learn new skills or just upgrade your existing ones. You will find language courses, technology, and digital courses as well as courses that will help you to enhance your home and garden or just learn new crafts or hobbies. There is definitely something for everyone with Yes Catalogue.

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