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There's another way to shop with if you have bad credit

There's another way to shop with if you have bad credit

You may have come across bad credit or instant credit catalogues that seem to promise acceptance but if you have a very poor credit score then the chances are that you will be rejected as they will always need to carry out a credit check on your account. This can mean that your credit file is further damaged by yet another rejection that will stay on your credit file for at least a year, making obtaining any kind of credit much harder. With Yes Catalogue you will be definitely accepted with just your debit card as a guarantee of payment.

Yes Catalogue has everything you will need from a bad credit catalogue, from furnishings and white goods to beauty products and computing. Every new customer will have a massive £300 credit and this will rise by at least £100 more for your next order. You will have up to 12 weeks to spread your payments and this will incur absolutely no interest charges or intrusion into your credit file.

Yes Catalogue is so much more than just a bad credit catalogue for purchasing your most wanted items and you will find that there are bonus extra’s that no other bad credit or instant credit catalogue will ever offer. These come in the form of Lifestyle Savers and distance learning online courses.

Lifestyle Savers

Online courses

With the many bonus extras such as Lifestyle Savers and Online courses you will be able to use these unlimitedly and they are never taken from your credit limit so you can shop and learn at the same time! There is no other bad credit or instant credit catalogues that can offer this and without any form of credit check.

Open your credit account with Yes Catalogue today and you can start shopping immediately and the Lifestyle savers and online course are also available straight away. You have nothing to lose but unwanted credit checks, even if you do not need to use Yes Catalogue today it will be good to know that when you do need a helping hand it is ready and waiting for you. Yes Catalogue really does put credit back into your own hands and you can start to shop again and spread your costs to suit your life and income.

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