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Poor Credit File? Try Yes Catalogue For All Your Home Needs

Poor Credit File? Try Yes Catalogue For All Your Home Needs

There are many reasons to apply to Yes Catalogue, the UK’s only guaranteed bad credit catalogues, and being tired of constant credit rejections is only one of them. Most people who experience rejections for credit are usually average in the credit score number, it will be the amount of applications for credit in a small space of time that would be the biggest decider when companies are offering credit. It seems that the more you need credit the less likely you will get it. A large number of applications will deem you to be desperate and therefore less likely to repay any credit debt on time. When creditors are looking at your credit file they are not seeing the individual, they are just looking at numbers.

Yes Catalogue is very different, each applicant is guaranteed at least £300 credit to spend in the online store, and it is the way you pay off the order that decides your next credit limit, usually at last £100 more with each satisfied order. All you need to apply to Yes Catalogue is your email address and debit card. All payments are taken directly from your debit card and that is the only guarantee that Yes Catalogue needs. There are no intrusive credit checks, so there are no footprints left by Yes Catalogue at any time on your credit file.

Some special offers this week are below, but you will find everything you need be it tech and gadgets or Beauty and home appliances.

As well as all the normal and expected products for sale, Yes Catalogue are the leaders in offering not only lifestyle benefits which are discounts or cashbacks on products from the High Street or other online sites, but you will be pleased to see discounts for holidays and reduced cinema tickets for the whole family. Another thing quite unique to Yes Catalogue is also a fantastic range of online learning modules, a lot of which are free of charge. You can use this time, where most everyone has excess time on their hands, unless they are key workers, to gain a new skill or skills that could even lead to career changes in the future.

Yes Catalogue is exactly the same as all other bad credit or instant credit catalogues apart from the way payments are made, your debit card details are taken at checkout and then all payments are taken directly without you having to log into your account to make payments, all you need to do is make sure there is enough money in your account o meet the instalments each week. As soon as the minimum payments have been taken then your chosen item or items will be sent out to your address. If there is any issue with your order then the entire returns system is free of charge and you will still be covered by any distance selling regulations as normal.

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