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Look no further Yes Catalogue has it all

Look no further Yes Catalogue has it all

Everyone is looking to save money at the moment and one of the easiest ways has always been to use cash for every purchase, but seeing as though cash is almost forbidden in many shops now with the onslaught of the Corona Virus pandemic plus the fact that the majority of people do not want to venture into crowded shops anyway most people have chosen credit to pay for goods if their bank account can not cover their purchases. With the majority of credit there is always a penalty of interest charges but with Yes Catalogue you can be assured that you can have what you want and not only avoid interest charges but also without incurring any credit searches on your credit file.

Yes Catalogue is not only a welcome relief to the thousands of people who have a poor credit score where they have found that they are faced with rejections time and time again when applying for even the smallest amount of credit, but also those who have never had credit before but are still thought of a credit risk purely because there is no credit history for them. The credit file itself can be very misleading as it will show issues that can be from over 6 years previous and can have little bearing on your current finances. With Yes Catalogue you are given credit and your ability to repay will be what your future credit will rise from so if you have no issues with your repayments that are taken directly from your debit card you can look forward to having a higher spend limit for your next order.

Yes Catalogue have simplified the entire bad credit and instant credit catalogue system, all you need to become a Yes Catalogue customer is below, you have nothing to lose by browsing and your purchases are never written up against your credit file.

With Yes Catalogue your first credit amount will be £300, this is for everyone and how you manage your account will result in higher credit limits, only capped at £800. All orders are split equally into 12 weekly instalments and you will know exactly how much you need to have in your bank each week to cover your payments.

Everything you would expect to find in a regular bad credit or Instant Credit Catalogue will be found in Yes Catalogue from great brand names and household products as well as a massive selection of money saving offers that can be used outside of the home in the form of saver cards, checkout discounts and vouchers to download. Along with these there is a great online learning centre where you can upgrade your existing skills or learn something completely new.

Yes Catalogue has something for everyone so while everyone else is moaning about not being able to spend cash or shop happily on the High Street you can sit back and wait for your deliveries straight to your door in a matter of weeks without having to touch your credit file.

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