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Look forward to Christmas this year from Yes Catalogue

Look forward to Christmas this year from Yes Catalogue

If you are one of the many thousands of people who are worried about how you are going to do Christmas then Yes Catalogue can be one of the best things to happen to you this year. As well as having all the goods and well known brands that you love and trust to buy within the catalogue you will also have hundreds of Lifestyle Savers that you can use on the High Street or on websites. No other bad credit or instant credit catalogue can offer these and what’s more, there will never be a credit check carried out on your credit file.

Every customer to Yes Catalogue will be given at least £300 spend limit to use in the catalogue and 12 weeks to spread your payments, all you need is a debit card to secure any purchases and once you have paid off your first order you can expect to find your spend limit to have increased and only capped at £800. As well as the great products on sale you are able to use the Lifestyle Savers at your leisure and the savings you make will never come from your credit limit.

Lifestyle savers come in the form of website links, plastic reloadable cards and that can be sent by email, a great way of giving a Christmas gift without risking the outdoors. Have a look at just a few of the Lifestyle Savers that you can benefit from, many customers have got used to checking the savers before spending out on anything and the savings they make can often offset some of the cost of Yes Catalogue purchases.

Once you have found your way around the Yes Catalogue website you will also come across the Learning Centre where you will find online courses available that if not free of charge, at a very small cost. The course will range from just about anything you can think of, from design to IT, craft and hobby courses as well as more in-depth vocational courses, these can also be gifted, so why not think about something a little different for your friends and family this year, especially while many of us have far more time on our hands than usual.

Once you have a bad credit catalogue from yes Catalogue you will soon realise that it will put you filly in control of your credit again and can even help to improve your credit score. There are no lengthy application forms and certainly no credit checks or intrusive calls or emails to prove your income. Yes Catalogue is definitely the way forward through this unprecedented time and it will mean that no one on your shopping list goes without this Christmas.

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