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Longer lockdowns looming but Yes Catalogue can really help you

Longer lockdowns looming but Yes Catalogue can really help you

We are all hoping that the new lockdown will not go on for as long as the sceptics are saying, but while we are still stuck indoors and the majority of shops are closed many people are falling between the cracks and are not able to afford to pay in advance for higher priced items that are considered essential to you. Yes Catalogue is your best solution, especially if you have ever had difficulties with credit before. All you need is your debit card for security and you will be given £300 starter credit and this can be a lifeline to many when there is no other way to replace a broken washing machine or TV for example.

At Yes Catalogue you will find all you need from white goods, kitchen equipment, beds and furniture and beauty products and appliances. You will have up to 3 months to repay your order and with only one order at a time you will not be dragged into mounting debt. Once your first order is paid up you can then order again and you will see that your credit limit will have increased by another £100 until you are capped at £800, still with just your debit card as a guarantee. You are able to choose the best day of the week for your payments to be taken and this will really help you to budget your remaining money.

As well as having a great line of credit from Yes Catalogue you will also find that there are some fantastic tools to help with your everyday spending in the form of Lifestyle Savers. These savers will give you lots of special discounts on the majority of goods or services that you usually would spend your money on. The clever shoppers will always check the Lifestyle Savers before parting with any money and they have found that people are saving money in all areas of their lives. Lifestyle savers come in the form of affiliated website links, plastic reloadable cards, e.Cards and cashbacks and you can use them as often as you like without having to purchase anything from the catalogue.

You will also find the Learning Centre when you have a Yes Catalogue bad credit catalogue account, here you will find courses that you can do online in your own home and at your own pace. All of the courses carry nationally recognised accreditations and can help you to retrain for a new career, help you to transition to working from home rather than travelling to the office, or can help you to connect to your creative side with crafting and hobby courses that will help your to beautify your home surroundings. No other bad credit or instant credit catalogue can give you these kind of extras and have really helped many people to make good use of the extra time on their hands.

For peace of mind without the worry of credit issues then join Yes Catalogue and kick start your own credit, with no interest payments and 12 weeks to spread your payments you have no excuse to go without your most needed essentials.

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