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For a bad credit catalogue try Yes Catalogue to save

For a bad credit catalogue try Yes Catalogue to save

Yes Catalogue is a fairly new bad credit catalogue but has really come into its own in the last year and is helping thousands of happy customers not only buy higher priced products on credit without a credit check but also hundreds of money saving extra’s as well as a huge range of distance learning course that you can do at home.

You are given a generous £300 credit for your first order and 12 weeks to spread the payments over for your purchases and once that order is paid up then you will be offered a higher credit limit and this will keep rising until you have reached £800. With the Yes Catalogue Lifestyle savings and online courses, none of the discounts will be taken from your credit limit, that is completely separate. Have a look below at some of the great variety where you can make savings with your regular spending.

The products that you can buy with Yes Catalogue are exactly the same as you would find in any bad credit or instant credit catalogue and you are completely covered by the distance selling regulations as you would be with any other purchases that you make online. You will find all you need for your home and family, and with 12 weeks breathing space to repay you should never need to find your self in debt and having a cushion of credit when you need it most is a great comfort, especially if you have ever had credit issues in the past. Because Yes Catalogue will never carry out a credit check, you need not worry that you will be rejected, all you need will be your debit card and delivery address.

The way that Yes Catalogue is able to offer credit to everyone without a credit check is that they use your debit card as security and only have payment terms of 12 weeks or less. This guarantees two things:

With the Yes Catalogue pro account you will be amazed at the fantastic range of online home learning courses that area available, many are free of charge, or less than £20 to do and can be a entrance into a new career, an upgrade to your existing skills or can really help if you are considering moving to working from home with some fantastic digital and IT courses. You will also find courses that can help you to improve your home and garden surroundings or even learn new crafting skills.

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