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All your Christmas gifting needs for £300 credit

All your Christmas gifting needs for £300 credit

Yes Catalogue has now been up and running for a year and has helped thousands of people just like you with prior credit issues. Because applying for credit can be disastrous for those with a damaged credit file, Yes Catalogue will only ever need your debit card as security and promises to never touch your credit file at any time, even if you get to the £800 credit limit, and you will always have 12 weeks to spread your payments for goods bought within the Yes Catalogue pages.

As you may already know, any bad credit or instant credit catalogue will always carry out a credit check and just by applying, a notice will be registered on your credit file, regardless of being accepted or not. These credit rejections will only serve to worsen your credit file as they a stay on your file for over a year and this will mean that future credit possibilities will be affected even when you have not received credit at all. You may also have a bad credit score purely because you have never taken out any credit in the past. The credit check system is very flawed and this is why you can guarantee that an account with Yes Catalogue will never damage your file further no matter what your credit limit will be.

As well as being able to purchase higher priced items on credit you will also be eligible to use the Lifestyle Savers, these come in the form of checkout codes, plastic reloadable cards, e.Card and website links and can save you a lot of money on almost anything that you would usually spend your money on, including the major supermarkets. Many of the Yes Catalogue shoppers have made a habit of checking the Lifestyle Savers before they buy anything and have left great feedback about the savings they have made on day to day products or services. You do not have to purchase anything from the pages of Yes Catalogue to be ablet to use the Lifestyle Savers or the online courses from the Learning Centre, another great bonus extra with your account.

All the products that are available from yes Catalogue carry the same great brands that any other bad credit or instant credit catalogue, from toys and games, beauty and hair care to mobile phones and smart TVs. You are fully covered by the same distance selling regulations as any other online store and you can relay on Yes Catalogue to give you the great customer service that put them a step ahead when it comes to using credit.

To apply for your bad credit catalogue with Yes catalogue all you need is your email address, you can start shopping straight away, or browsing the Lifestyle Savers and Distance Learning courses and it is not until you finalise any purchase that you will need to give your debit card details.

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