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A new way to look at credit with Yes Catalogue with just your debit card

A new way to look at credit with Yes Catalogue with just your debit card

Until the introduction of Yes Catalogue the only way you could achieve credit was to have a credit check and if you have suffered with a poor credit score then you will completely understand the minefield that a credit check can be. If you apply for credit and are rejected this will leave a nasty credit rejection on your credit file and this in turn can make getting credit even harder.

Yes Catalogue is the only bad credit catalogue available in the UK that will only use your debit card as security for your purchases, you will start with £300 credit and 12 weeks to spread your payments. Your credit limit will rise up to £800 over time with good repayments on your previous orders and still with the whole 12 weeks to repay.

As well as being able to purchase all of your higher priced essentials from Yes Catalogue you will also be able to use the Lifestyle Savers and the Learning Centre unlimitedly and these can help you to save money on your usual purchases and you can use the online courses in your own time and from your own home to help you make choices for your working life or to use for your own projects such as house and garden design.

With your open account at Yes Catalogue you will be able to purchase anything from the huge range of products on sale, from home and garden furniture, kitchen essentials and white goods, beauty products and hair care appliances as well as mobile phones, laptop and toys and games. All of your purchases are secured with just your debit card so you will never need to worry that your credit file is being looked at, causing you rejections that stick to your account for years.

By using the Lifestyle Savers you are able to save a great deal of money on your usual spending on the High Street or from well-known websites, you can use the Lifestyle Savers as often as you like and you do not need to purchase anything from Yes Catalogue to be able to use them. The same applies to the Learning Centre, you can use as many courses as you like and you can even gist them to family and friends, many courses re free of charge and if not free they start at an amazing £9, all with recognised nationally accredited certificates.

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