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A catalogue with everything and much more

A catalogue with everything and much more

Yes Catalogue is the only bad credit catalogue available in the UK that does not need a credit check at application or at any other time guaranteed, even when your credit limit rises. Even though there are many adverts over the internet an TV for instant credit and bad credit catalogues, what they don’t tell you until you have filled out the application form is that they will do a credit search on your credit file and this is where you will find you will either be accepted with a very small credit limit such as £100 or a rejection and a negative footprint left on your credit file.

With Yes Catalogue bad credit catalogue you are given £300 credit without any form of credit check as long as you have a debit card and UK bank account. All your payments are taken directly from your debit card over 12 weeks and no longer so the most you will pay each week for your £300 credit will be £25. Because all orders are paid up over the 12 weeks or less in some cases, you can choose to pay off earlier, there will never be any added interest charges either, Yes Catalogue are very customer focused by not only bypassing the credit check they are not piling on added charges to make shopping on credit more expensive than it has to be.

Yes Catalogue has a wealth of extras that no other bad credit or instant credit catalogue can offer, as well as all the usual goods and products of high value that you can spread payments for, you will find online courses that cover educational and vocational subjects as well as crafting and hobbies and you can also find lifestyle savers that will help you stretch your money much further with your regular spending on the High Street or well-known websites. You can find great brands such as:

You will also find:

Yes Catalogue really does have something for everyone and if you have ever had the awful feeling of being rejected for credit before then you will appreciate a service that really does base its credit on your ability to repay rather than what may have occurred up to 6 years ago with your finances. As Yes Catalogue only has a one order at a time policy, you can not order again until you have paid off your last one, you will never find yourself in mounting debt, and Yes Catalogue will reward your good payment history with a higher credit limit for your next order if you want it. All credit with Yes Catalogue is capped at £800 and only ever over 12 week terms.

Yes Catalogue gives control back to the customer where credit is concerned, there are no intrusive credit checks that will stay on your credit file and no lengthy contract terms. Sign up today and take credit seriously again!

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