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A bad credit catalogue for every area of your life

A bad credit catalogue for every area of your life

You have probably come across bad credit or instant credit catalogues in the past that seem to promise acceptance for poor credit applicants but the real truth is that if your credit score is very low, they will reject the application and leave a negative footprint on your credit file. At Yes Catalogue we feel that this is a very antiquated system and therefore as long as you have a debit card you can be assured that you can have a £300 spend limit for your first order and once that is paid up your credit limit will rise. With Yes Catalogue you really are in full control of the credit you receive and how it is repaid.

Yes Catalogue is very similar to other instant credit and bad credit catalogues in the goods they carry in stock from furniture to kitchen equipment or gaming consoles and computing, but with a few big differences, there will never be a credit check or interest charges and there are also great savings to be had with your normal spending with the Lifestyle Savers. You can even learn new skills with the wide selection of online course, many of which are absolutely free of charge to enrol and can really lead to exciting changes in your working life or even your home surroundings with the stylish interior design courses on offer.

Applications to Yes Catalogue only takes a few minutes and you can start shopping or using the bonus extras like the Lifestyle Savers and online courses immediately. You do not need to worry that any of the savings will come from your Yes Catalogue credit limit and you can use these as many times as you like. Have a look at some of the fantastic ways you can use the Lifestyle Savers in your everyday life:

Plastic reloadable saver cards from over 40 fabulous retailers such as

Digital e.Cards that will give you codes to use at checkout from retailers such as

Plus there is also cashback from over 50 everyday retailers using a shopping boost card, you can really make the most of your money with Yes Catalogue as well as being able to buy your higher prices items on credit without having to save up in advance for them. Put all this together with the great range of inline learning courses, Yes Catalogue is really working hard to help everyone not only get back on the credit ladder but saving them a lot of money on everyday goods and services as well.

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